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Megan Reynolds
Megan Reynolds
Your Healthy Living Coach

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Salt Lake City, Utah

RE: Free Health Membership


Dear Friend,

When once of the most popular reality shows is Biggest Loser you know we have a health problem in America.  We created this FREE website to give you the tools and knowledge you need to live a more healthy lifestyle.  You'll find exercise videos, articles, recipes and everything you need to make a positive change for your families healthy living.  And it is all FREE!  All we ask in return is that you really make an honest effort to make a change your yourself and in your family because when we are healthy and happy it can and does make the world a better place because we all feel better about ourselves.  So let's get started.



  • Free Exercise Videos We orgainze all the fitness videos in a way so that you can easily find what you are after.
    $49/yr value
  • Healthy Product Reviews - We know that there is a lot of fluff and downright misinformation in the weight loss and health industry.  We will review products so you can make an education decision on what is right for you and your family.
    $75/yr value
  • Healthy Recipes. You can submit your favorite recipes and we'll be scouring the web the best recipes that you can add to your arsenal of health living.
  • Join Groups and Share Ideas Once inside you can create your own groups and store ideas you think could help others in their journey to health and fitness.

So What Are You Waiting For?

  • You get all the best fitness videos orgainzed in one place
  • Healthy Product Reviews so you can make an educated decision
  • Share recipes, ideas, and connect with others to help you make the transition to the new you
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